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Arbitration Decision

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Functional Assessment Report, Sick Leave, Violation, Memorandum, Wellness


Union policy grievance dated August 13, 1999, alleging breach of Articles 2, 3.08 and 22 of the Collective Agreement between the Employer and the Union signed June 2, 1998, with expiry date March 31, 2000, in that in a Memorandum to "All Employees" dated August 11, 1999 the Employer announced the introduction of a new Functional Assessment Form to be used by all employees seeking permission to be absent on sick leave in accordance with Article 22. Since February 1, 2000 the Functional Assessment Form, referred to by the parties as the "FAF", has in fact been required in a somewhat revised version, to which, by agreement of the parties, the Grievance still applies.