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Arbitration Decision

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Seniority, Teaching, Assignment, Sessional, Contract, Stipend, Semester


Member Grievance dated November 10, 2006, alleging that the Employer violated Article G1.3a) of the Collective Agreement between the parties, effective May 12, 2006 and expiring June 30, 2010, which the parties agreed is the Collective Agreement applicable here. In the Grievance the Union grieves "the Employer's violation of hiring procedures for sessional instructors", which resulted in the Grievor not being offered a sessional contract to teach [Retracted] for the Spring semester of the academic year 2006/7. The Union seeks a declaration that the Employer violated the Collective Agreement and an order that the Grievor be fully compensated for loss of the applicable stipend of $4300 and be credited on the relevant seniority list with appropriate teaching hours.