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Impact Assessment, Climate Change, Environmental Assessment, Sustainability Assessment, Legislative Provisions


This working paper explores the key components and provisions that need to be incorporated into impact assessment legislation to ensure that assessed undertakings help meet Canadian climate change mitigation commitments and duties.

This discussion paper includes a summary that serves as a basic briefing note on the core climate components that should be included in the new federal legislation. It also includes a box presenting the tests for determining an undertaking's contributions to meeting Canada's international climate change mitigation commitments, and a more detailed discussion of implications for the new law.


The bulk of this document is the working draft of part 4 of a larger report, From Paris to Projects: clarifying the implications of Canada’s climate change mitigation commitments for the planning and assessment of projects and strategic undertakings. That report, which is being prepared with support from the Metcalf Foundation and contributions from a broader network of multi-disciplinary collaborators, aims to spur and inform discussion of how Canada’s international commitments on climate change mitigation can be addressed effectively in assessment deliberations and decision making.