Guiding Principle 11: The Responsibility of Business Enterprises to Respect Human Rights

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Book Chapter

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United Nations Guiding Principles, Business, Human Rights


This comprehensive Commentary provides an in-depth analysis of each of the 31 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the 10 Principles for Responsible Contracts. It engages in both a legal and contextual examination of the Principles alongside their application to real world practices at both the domestic and international levels.

Key Features:

• One of the first detailed considerations of each of the Principles for Responsible Contracts
• Contributions from more than 40 leading international academics and practitioners in the field
• Discussion of legal and regulatory instruments as well as case law emanating from the Principles
• Offers information on interpreting, analyzing, and using the UNGPs and the Principles for Responsible Contracts in a centralized accessible format.

Practitioners, including government officials, who are responsible for corporate governance and human rights issues will find this Commentary invaluable for its systematic analysis of the obligations of both States and corporations. It will also be of interest to academics and those working for NGOs in the area of business and human rights, as well as businesses themselves looking to incorporate sustainability initiatives into their corporate practices.