Ocean Acidification and the Arctic: Regional Scientific and Governance Responses

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Book Chapter

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Ocean Acidification, Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Law of the Sea, Human Rights, Climate Change


This important Research Handbook provides a guide to navigating the tangled array of laws and policies available to counter the multiple threats of ocean acidification. It investigates the limitations and opportunities for addressing ocean acidification under global governance frameworks, including multilateral environmental agreements, law of the sea and human rights instruments.

The book also describes regional and national approaches and challenges in responding to ocean acidification. The special vulnerabilities of the Arctic, Antarctic and South Pacific are highlighted. Limited responses by regional sea programmes and regional fisheries management organizations are summarized. Case studies are provided from Australia, Brazil, China and the United States.

This discerning Research Handbook will be a welcome read for policy makers and students with an interest in the laws and policies of marine governance and climate change. This will also be an ideal read for those who are interested in the pressing environmental issues facing the world community.