Challenges for Lawyer Regulation: Access to Justice

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Book Chapter

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Legal Ethics, Professional Regulation, Legal Profession, Access to Justice


This text is a comprehensive discussion of the professional responsibilities of lawyers in Canada. The book addresses issues related to the "law of ethics and lawyering" and provides tools for assisting students and practitioners in exercising the moral judgment which underlies all ethical decisions by lawyers. Case law and case studies are used to illustrate points and suggest solutions to problems that lawyers typically face during their day-to-day practice.


  • Includes thought-provoking fact-based "scenarios" designed to engage and encourage the reader to think through the implications and possible outcomes if they themselves were (or are ever placed) in a similar situation
  • Draws on the expertise of twelve scholars in the Canadian legal ethics field
  • Contains notes and questions for students
  • Suggested further reading to assist readers in learning more about each topic