Food as a Social-Ecological System

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Food Law, Regional Food, Data, Food Waste, Food Flows, Socio-Ecological System


Welcome to the Food Law Workshop, a virtual space for research and resources on food and agricultural law in Atlantic Canada.

Why a “workshop”?

A workshop can be a gathering or event where people come to share and develop ideas, or it can be a place where people go to build things. We like the concept of a Food Law Workshop because it captures both of these–a space to present ideas and projects in progress, with a focus on building applied legal and policy tools to support and help change our food systems.

What is the Workshop?

The Workshop doesn’t have a formal structure or a physical home. It is hosted by Jamie Baxter’s research group at the Schulich School of Law (Dalhousie University, Halifax) to publish projects-in-progress and to make ongoing work accessible to people and organizations involved in food. A couple of key ideas guide this work:

  • Each project builds from the core idea of food law as part of a social-ecological system.
  • The work tends to be community driven and aims to respond to the needs of those working with, supporting or advocating around food.
  • Good data are important for good food law and policy, but these data and the ways we analyze them should be transparent and accessible.

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