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Drug Regulation, Vaccine Regulation, Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Policy


There is plenty of controversy surrounding pharmaceuticals, but it cannot be denied that the pharmaceutical industry is both socially beneficial and profitable. Regulators are expected to ensure that the economic success of the industry does not come at the expense of public safety, yet they have also assumed a cooperative role by providing advice on regulation and by targeting unmet medical needs. Concerns over regulatory standards, conflicts of interest, and the manipulation of information on drug safety and effectiveness have led to public mistrust and a greater need for transparency between the pharmaceutical industry and government regulators.

Transparency, Power, and Influence in the Pharmaceutical Industry evaluates the progress made in holding the pharmaceutical industry responsible for creating transparency in the industry, from development to market. The contributors to this volume examine the various mechanisms introduced to make the regulatory process more informative and situate these efforts within the larger project of enhancing the safety of drugs, vaccines, and other products.