Learning Legal Writing

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Legal Education, Law School Course Materials, Legal Writing


Some legal research and writing textbooks are designed to teach those topics together. The focus of those texts is sometimes on the research aspects of legal writing, or at least the writing is not the exclusive focus of the book. Legal writing is exclusively the focus of this work.

In this work you will find a series of chapters, each focussing on a particular legal writing aspect or skill. In each chapter, either spread throughout the chapter or gathered at the end, there are interactive exercises to give you the chance to apply the skills the chapter covers. After that, there are suggested answers and explanations. In this way, you can practice legal writing instead of just reading about it.


From the author: "...I wrote and created an interactive on-line textbook for the LRW course at the law school, entitled Learning Legal Writing. The book in unique in the country in that it is published on the TopHat platform, which includes interactive writing exercises. Students are able to read about a legal writing concept, and then test their knowledge with exercises and problems, and receive instantaneous feedback from the book itself. I note the book is therefore not traditional, but a sort of pastiche of a textbook, a blog, and an exercise workbook."