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Book Review, Tax, Canada


The Canadian Tax Journal publishes research in, and informed comment on, taxation and public finance, with particular relevance to Canada. To this end, the journal invites interested parties to submit manuscripts for possible publication as peer-reviewed articles, and it especially welcomes work that contributes to the analysis, design, and implementation of tax policies.


This article is a series of book and article reviews. Professor Kim Brooks authored the reviews of the following:

  • Richard Eccleston & Ainsley Elbra, eds, Business, Civil Society and the “New” Politics of Corporate Tax Justice: Paying a Fair Share? (Northampton: Edward Elgar, 2018).

  • Mattia Anesa et al, “The Legitimation of Corporate Tax Minimization” (2019) 75 Accounting, Organizations & Society 17.

  • Shu-Yi Oei & Leigh Z. Osofsky, “Constituencies and Control in Statutory Drafting: Interviews with Government Tax Counsels” (2019) 104:3 Iowa L Rev 1291.

  • Tarcisio Diniz Magalhães, “What Is Really Wrong with Global Tax Governance and How To Properly Fix It” (2018) 10:4 World Tax J 499.

  • Afton Titus, “Designing a General Anti-Avoidance Rule for the East African Community—A Comparative Analysis” (2019) 11:2 World Tax J 261.

  • Daisy L A Ogembo, “The Tax Justice Network-Africa v Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury & 2 Others: A Big Win for Tax Justice Activism?” (2019) 2 British Tax Rev 105.

  • Michael C Durst, Taxing Multinational Business in Lower-Income Countries: Economics, Politics and Social Responsibility (Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies for the International Centre for Tax and Development, 2019).

  • Sunita Jogarajan, Double Taxation and the League of Nations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).

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