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Arctic Waters, Arctic Marine Spaces, Climate Change, Cruise Shipping, Fishing Vessels, Governance, Heavy Fuel Oil, Indigenous Peoples, International Maritime Organization, Inuit Knowledge, Marine Spatial Planning, Maritime Regulation, Maritime Risks, Maritime Workers, Northwest Atlantic, Northwest Passage, Occupational Health and Safety, Ocean Management, Polar Code, Risk Governance, Seafarers, Search and Rescue, Ship Emissions, Shipping, Underwater Sound


This chapter introduces a multidisciplinary collection of chapters addressing various aspects of governance of Arctic shipping written by leading international scholars. It investigates how ocean changes and anthropogenic impacts affect our understanding of risk, policy, management and regulation for safe navigation, environment protection, conflict management between ocean uses, and protection of Indigenous peoples’ interests in Canadian Arctic waters. The book is divided in three parts, together providing a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary view on governance of Arctic shipping. The first part addresses conceptual and empirical aspects of risk governance, management, and assessment in the Canadian Arctic. The second part focuses on the human dimensions of a changing Arctic, providing insights in Inuit perspectives and knowledge, occupational safety issues onboard cruise and other commercial vessels, and aspects of fishing vessel safety. The third part focuses on regulatory considerations of shipping and ocean use, with contributions addressing the IMO’s framework for Arctic shipping, the Polar Code implementation in Canada, and contemporary topics concerning ship emissions, heavy fuel oil, and maritime spatial planning. It is hoped that the contributions encourage further multi- and interdisciplinary work by established and emerging scholars, and that these can assist decision-makers in planning, managing, and regulating Arctic Shipping.

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