Book Review: Legal Responses to Transnational and International Crimes: Toward an Integrative Approach

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Book Review

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Transnational Crime, International Crime


This book brings together a blue-ribbon assortment of international law schol-
ars, all of whom work at the interesting and troubled cross-roads which is the
book’s substantive subject matter: namely, the intersection of international
and transnational crime, and thus of its legal fields of study (international
criminal law (“icl”) and transnational criminal law (“tcl”)). Through 14 essays
on a variety of topics, they tackle different skeins of what they identify (in my
view, correctly) as the most pressing practical and analytical point regarding
crime that is internationalised in any way. This point is that, through the forces
and trends which gave rise to globalisation, crime in the early 21st century is
becoming more vertically and horizontally integrated than ever before, on a
global scale.