Governance of Fisheries in the Central Arctic Ocean: Cooperative Currents, Foggy Future

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Book Chapter

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Nature Conservation, Law and Legislation, Polar Regions, Fishery Law and Legislation, Polar Regions


Bringing together leading scholars from across a diverse range of disciplines, this unique book examines a key question: How can we best conserve marine living resources in the polar regions, where climate change effects and human activities are particularly pressing?

Part one of this timely book focuses on Antarctica, centring on the evolving work of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources in managing the marine living resources of the Southern Ocean. Part two explores the multi-level governance regime in the Arctic, analysing the central Arctic Ocean fisheries agreement, the role of the Arctic Council and law and governance in Arctic states. Finally, part three considers some of the new challenges and opportunities, including new technology, bioprospecting and dispute settlement.

Providing a comprehensive assessment of the governance regimes of marine living resources in the polar regions, this book will be of great interest to academics, NGOs, international organizations and government officials, whilst also being a key resource for practitioners working in the fisheries industries.