The Quest for Universality and Uniformity: Theory and Practice of International Maritime Regulation

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Book Chapter

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Maritime Regulation, Maritime Law, Commercial Shipping


The organisation and design of maritime regulation is a critical question for the many trade oriented economies. The Research Handbook on Maritime Law and Regulation addresses the key concepts and issues facing the regulation of maritime affairs, questioning the legal structures through an analysis of current legal and regulatory frameworks.

These unique contributions interrogate the current system of maritime law and regulation, challenging its traditional perceptions as being either convention law based or national law oriented. The contributors cover a range of crucial demands for maritime law and regulation, from shipping contracts to maritime conventions and linkages, embracing an integrated approach to maritime law. Emphasising the link between theory, practice and policy, this Research Handbook focuses on real world developments and their impact on law and regulation.

Comprehensive and enlightening, this Research Handbook is vital reading for researchers and students of maritime law and regulation, providing fascinating insight into the minutiae of its structure and design. Policy makers working in the maritime industry will benefit from the broad and integrated approach to legal frameworks. Legal practitioners, scholars and judicial figures will also enjoy this Research Handbook’s comprehensive engagement with contemporary legal developments in maritime law.