A Primer on Human Rights Law

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Book Chapter

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Canada, Human Rights Obligations, Dentistry, Dental Professionals, Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Human Rights Act


Chapter 1 introduced the Canadian legal system and, as it suggests, dental professionals would be wise to develop an understanding and appreciation of human rights law in Canada. In this chapter, we will be focusing our discussion on human rights statutes; these statutes set out the key human rights obligations binding on dental professionals. However, the statutes do not exist in isolation. [...] This chapter offers an introduction to human rights law in Canada. It provides a sense of human rights law and what is involved in making and defending a human rights claim as it is relevant to those studying dentistry and to dental professionals. The chapter outlines the development, purpose and approach of human rights laws in Canada. It then describes what is required to make out a case of discrimination and the available defences and remedies.