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Extractive industries and the human rights of women and girls


This submission to the 2018 review of Export Development Canada is informed in part by a conference and policy meeting that we hosted in October 2017 on the subject of extractive industries and the human rights of women and girls, at the Human Rights Resource Education Centre in Ottawa. This submission will reflect on some of the insights that emerged from the conference and policy meeting, as well as our own prior and subsequent research. Our submission will focus primarily on Theme 5: Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights, which asks whether, in fulfilling its mandate, EDC reflects the expectations of the Government of Canada that all Canadian businesses “respect all applicable laws and international standards” while operating transparently “and in consultation with host governments and locals communities, and to conduct their activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.” The description further notes that this theme will “look at how EDC takes into account the impacts, both environmental and social (including human rights), of the businesses and transactions it supports.”