Initial Views on Key Regulations Under the Proposed IAA

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Impact Assessment Act, Climate Change, Regulatory Process, Governance, Canada


The federal government is currently consulting on key regulations to be developed under the proposed new Impact Assessment Act. They deal with the list of projects to be assessed, and issues related to time management and information requirements under the new process. In this post, we offer our views on some key process issues that we have concluded can and should be addressed in the time management and information requirements regulations. We defer our assessment of and comments on the project list regulations until there is more information available during the next round of consultations, once the discussion shifts from criteria for the project list to a consideration of what projects should be listed.

We have organized our comments below around the questions posed in the consultation document ( Our focus has been on ensuring that the regulations clearly inform and guide the implementation of the IAA in areas where the Act itself lacks process detail and/or provides broad discretion. The suggestions proposed are designed to ensure greater effectiveness, certainty and timeliness of the IA process. Some further adjustments may have to be made depending on the outcome of the ongoing Parliamentary process with respect to Bill C-69.