Bill C-69: The Proposed New Federal Impact Assessment Act (IAA)

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Impact Assessment Act, Climate Change, Regulatory Process, Canada


In this post, I offer my assessment of what I consider to be some of the key elements of the proposed new federal Impact Assessment Act (the first part of Bill C-69, available at: This post is an effort to put in lay terms how the proposed Act would work, and how it would differ from CEAA 2012.

I have grouped my assessment of the proposed Act according to the main elements of the process and other key features. There are many cross-cutting and other issues that deserve separate attention, such as public participation, transparency issues, the role of Indigenous peoples, learning, accountability, multi-jurisdictional cooperation, climate change, assessment of projects on federal lands and outside Canada, among others. Addressing these all would have made this post even longer than it already is, and would have significantly delayed its release. I will follow up on some of these issues with separate posts, so stay tuned.