Canada Needs a Criminal Code

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Criminal Law Reform, Criminal Code, Canada


Contemporary criminal law is in a state of great confusion, which calls for an analysis of its foundations and practices. All those who "live the law" are questioned, from litigants to lawyers, prosecutors, judges, teachers, interveners, police officers, and legislators. Many aspects of the criminal law are covered in the Criminal Law Reform in Canada: Challenges and Possibilities.

Under the direction of Julie Desrosiers, Margarida Garcia, and Marie-Ève Sylvestre, this comprehensive title provides an in-depth analysis of the reform process, responsibility, procedure, penalty, administration and effects of the sentence, and restorative justice and human rights as well as questions the general principles of criminal law and liability.

Highlights of the book

  • Criminal Law Reform: An Idea whose Time has Come — Margarida Garcia and Richard Dubé
  • Canada Needs a Criminal Code — Steve Coughlan
  • Making Amendability a Priority in Criminal Code Reform — Jula Hughes
  • What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander: Considering the Merits of a Presumption of Organizational Capacity in Canadian Criminal Law — Jennifer A. Quaid
  • The Problem of Historical Text Messages: Reasonable Expectation and Interception of Private Communications — Pierre-Luc Déziel and Alexandre Stylios
  • Criminal law and Social Reintegration of Litigants: Obstacles and Possibilities — Mariana Raupp
  • Repeal of the Judicial Review Act: Experiential Experience of Hope — Joanie Laganière and Joane Martel
  • The Difficult Road to Accountability: A Study on Complaints Mechanisms to Investigate and Address Victim’s Rights Violations — Marie Manikis
  • Restorative Justice and Criminal Restitution — Michelle S. Lawrence