Book Review: Climate Change and the Oceans: Gauging the Legal and Policy Currents in the Asia Pacific and Beyond

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Book Review

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Climate Change, Global Challenges, Academic Literature, Oceans, Ocean Law & Policy, Asia-Pacific Region


Much has been written over the past two decades about the global challenge of
climate change. The topic has been tackled from a wide range of disciplines
and perspectives, from science and technologies to our understanding of the
social and economic consequences of climate change and various human
efforts to mitigate and adapt. Given the constant changes to all aspects of this
field, there is no shortage of new material for academic literature on this criti-
cal topic. Surprisingly, however, given the critical role of oceans in the climate
system and to sustaining humankind, the oceans have received relatively lim-
ited attention in the climate literature to date. This book is an important step
toward filling this gap. It seeks to provide the first comprehensive consider-
ation of ocean-related law and policy issues that arise from climate change, at
least in the context of the Asia-Pacific region.