Book Review: International Law in the Era of Climate Change

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Climate Change, Global Climate Regime, International Impacts, Book Review


Given the failure of the global climate regime to date to motivate sufficient mitigation action to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, understanding the effects of climate change on the full range of human and natural systems is becoming a pressing issue. Because climate change is not likely to be effectively mitigated, a range of issues from adaptation to social, economic, and environmental impacts and geo-engineering will have to be considered if one is to begin to understand the effects of climate change. As demonstrated in this timely and valuable contribution, international law is not immune from these impacts. The primary aim of the book is to explore the impact that climate change will have on international law in the decades ahead. Some of the book's fourteen chapters focus on how climate change will help shape international law, others examine how climate change will challenge international law. In doing so, the book offers fascinating insights into the "climate readiness" of a range of areas of international law. It should therefore be of interest to both climate change and international law scholars.