The Great Canadian Lawyer: A Manifesto, eh?

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Canadian Lawyers, Literature Review, Competencies


What makes a great Canadian lawyer? Who do you think epitomizes the great Canad an lawyer? What are the essential qualities and characteristics of such a lawyer? The answers to these questions probably depend on who you are, and what experiences you have had with lawyers and the legal system. Have you ever been taken to court? In a criminal matter? In a civil matter? Do you know any lawyers or judges personally? Are you a lawyer? Are you a judge? Have you ever hired a lawyer? The answers also probably depend on what exposure you have had to depictions of lawyers in the news, books, television, and movies. Not surprisingly, as so many people will have had so many different kinds of experiences with lawyers and the legal system (as well as exposure to conflicting perspectives on what makes for a great lawyer through the news media, books, television, and movies), there are a wide variety of opinions about what it takes to be a great Canadian lawyer.