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Law School, Canadian Law, Business Law, Stakeholders, Corporate and Commercial Law


Business Organizations: Practice, Theory and Emerging Challenges, 2nd Edition is more than just a comprehensive update to Business Organizations: Principles, Policies, and Practice. It provides a detailed discussion of the fundamentals that shape this area of law, and reviews important debates surrounding the nature of business organizations and the role they play in Canadian society. Through this approach, this casebook aims to enhance the reader’s understanding of business organizations, and the ways in which legal and policy decisions impact how they function.

In addition to substantial revisions and updates, this edition features entirely new material. Most notably, the text now includes chapters that engage emerging issues related to Indigenous peoples, which in part act as a response to the Calls to Action from the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. This edition also features a new chapter on social enterprises and the increased momentum of social entrepreneurship.

Drawing on the perspectives of leading Canadian business scholars and commentators, this text is designed to be an accessible classroom and research resource. It is a must-have addition to the faculty, firm, or private library of anyone interested in the various dimensions of the law of business organizations.