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Welcome to Afronomicslaw.org, a blog on the international economic law landscape as it relates to Africa. A major goal of this blog is to complement current analysis of international economic law issues as they relate to Africa in the blogosphere. We believe that this blog is particularly timely because there are significant international economic law developments taking place in Africa that invite more contemporaneous reflection and discussion. These developments include the ongoing ratifications of phase one of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and the commencement of phase II negotiations on investment, competition rules and intellectual property. In addition, the African Union and the European Union have commenced preliminary talks about renewing the Cotonou Partnership Agreement due to expire in early 2020. African Union member states are debating how best to organize their negotiations to renew the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. One group of states want the African Union to negotiate as one block. Others want the Regional Economic Communities to negotiate on behalf of their respective members. Another group has suggested that the African Caribbean and Pacific Secretariat in Brussels should negotiate on behalf of the African Union.