Criminal Procedure

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Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Code, rules and principles, investigation, prosecution, adjudication


This book sets out and examines the law governing criminal procedure in Canada. It explains the body of rules and principles that govern the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of any offence enacted by Parliament for which an accused person would have a criminal record if found guilty by a court exercising jurisdiction under the Criminal Code. These include such things as the rules by which police powers are exercised, the right to counsel, search warrants, interim release, and procuring attendance of witnesses. This third edition updates the law in all areas of criminal procedure. The chapter on powers of search and seizure has been completely rewritten to take into account significant new decisions, including, among others, Spencer, on internet anonymity; Vu, on searches of computers; TELUS Communications, on text messaging and wiretap authorizations; MacDonald, on safety searches; and Fearon, on search of cell phones incident to arrest. It also covers the various statutory changes made to search powers by the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act.


From selected works of Steve Coughlan.