Coordinating UNCLOS Regimes: An Analysis of the Interface of the Competencies of the ISA and IMO with respect to Activities in the Area

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UNCLOS, Ocean Activity, International Seabed Authority, International Maritime Organization


About the conference

Recent scientific and technological development has opened the door to new uses of marine resources and transformed our understanding of the oceans. Marine organisms which used to be regarded only as a food resource are now being collected for exploration of their genetic resources and development of biotechnology. Unforeseen values of ecosystem functions performed by different species are becoming increasingly recognized. The ocean and its resources are increasingly regarded as potential tools for climate mitigation. This development has so far only to a limited extent become reflected in rules for management. The broadened understanding of marine resources calls for new perspectives in international law.

This conference aims to enable a discussion among legal academics on the implications for international law of these scientific and technological developments, in four thematic areas:

  • Governance perspectives
  • Areas beyond national jurisdiction
  • Contracts, information and genetic resources
  • Regional perspectives

The discussion will encompass different areas of international law, as well as ongoing developments and domestic implementation, including Nordic perspectives.