Regulatory Capture in the Shipping Industry

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Book Chapter

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Corporate Crime, Government, Political Philosophy, Shipping Industry, Regulatory Capture, International Maritime Organization, Maritime Regulations


In this chapter John Dalziel, Floris Goerlandt, Roland Pelot, and Aldo Chircop examine regulatory capture in the shipping industry. The authors reflect on the relationship between governments as “regulators” and shipping industry actors as “regulatees” at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and in Canada. In doing so, the chapter explores aspects of the relationship that could lead to regulatory capture in the development, adoption, and enforcement of maritime regulations. Focusing on the IMO and Transport Canada, the chapter explores theoretical considerations on regulatory capture in shipping and then turns to the IMO and Canadian frameworks as the respective principal international and national systems of regulation and identifies aspects of their interface with industry that could raise regulatory capture concerns.


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