Transnational Criminal Law Review

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Transnational Law, Transnational Crime


The Transnational Criminal Law Review is an open access, peer reviewed journal focused on transnational criminal law. The phrase ‘transnational criminal law’ refers to the law that applies to crimes that cross or threaten to cross state boundaries. The Transnational Criminal Law Review invites manuscripts from authors around the globe, concerning all areas of transnational criminal law, including substantive, evidentiary, and procedural law; theoretical, critical, and doctrinal issues relating to transnational criminal law; and interdisciplinary perspectives.

Published twice yearly, the Transnational Criminal Law Review  publishes full length academic articles, subject to double blind peer review. It also publishes shorter pieces, such as case comments, book reviews, and reports on new developments in the field. The journal is open access in order to enable free access for everyone interested in transnational criminal law. The journal targets an audience of legal scholars, criminologists, and social scientists, as well as legal practitioners, policy-makers, and students.

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