Sarah Berger Richardson


Sarah Berger Richardson


I arrived at the Schulich School of Law in September 2018 to begin my teaching and research fellowship. During the academic year, I taught a first year small group section of Contracts and Judicial Making. An experience that I enjoyed deeply. It was my first experience solo teaching and I very much enjoyed connecting directly my students. I also enjoyed returning to the world of private law after spending several years working in the field of administrative law.

In addition to my teaching agenda, I also worked on several research and public outreach initiatives related to food law along with Professor Jamie Baxter. Throughout the year, we worked with two pro bono students from ECELAW gathering data on farmland regulations in the Atlantic provinces. This work built on my previous work on farm practices legislation and Professor Baxter’s work on land-use zoning, and will serve as the foundation of future collaborative research projects between us. In December 2018, Professor Baxter and I participated in a continuing education workshop for HRM lawyers, where we spoke about food law and policy and municipal governance. In January 2019, I gave a presentation on my doctoral research project during one of the faculty’s lunch hour seminars. And the highlight of the year was hosting along with Professor Baxter the first Canadian Food Law Emerging Scholars Workshop at the Schulich School of Law. For this, we both extend our gratitude to the generous support of the faculty to help make this happen.

Over the course of the year, I also presented at conferences in Montreal, and Quebec, was a guest instructor at an intensive food law course at the Faculty of Law at McGill University, and was involved in getting the newly created Canadian Association of Food Law and Policy up and running and am now sitting on the Board of Directors. I have also been working on the organizing committee of the upcoming annual Canadian Food Law and Policy conference which will take place in Toronto in 2019.

Following the Schulich Fellowship, I will be moving on to Ottawa to take up a position as Assistant Professor in the Civil Law Section of the Faculty of Law.


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