Dalhousie Law Journal


John Willis


Willis Reese, off-the-cuff remarks, pompous solemnity, pronouncement, comments, brief answers, important questions raised in the dialogue.


Coming, as I do, third in the line of those who have been asked to comment on the light-hearted wit and wisdom that Willis Reese let loose on this subject in his off-the-cuff remarks to a small group of teachers and students at Dalhousie Law School, I cannot add much to what has already been said. So, trying as hard as I can to avoid the pompous solemnity that almost inevitably goes along with any written pronouncement on topics as serious as those with which he dealt, I shall make three general comments on Willis Reese's main theme and two general comments on what Cohen says about Canadian law schools. I shall then give, in the Carter manner, my own brief answers to what to me are the most important questions raised in the dialogue.