Dalhousie Law Journal


Kim Brooks

French Editor

Lucie Guibault

Board Members

The Dalhousie Law Journal is one of North America’s few faculty-run publications with an editorial board composed exclusively of full-time professors and professional librarians at the Schulich School of Law.

  • Jamie Baxter, Associate Professor of Law
  • Rob Currie, Professor of Law
  • Richard Devlin, Professor of Law & Acting Dean
  • Jocelyn Downie, Professor of Law
  • Mark Lewis, Librarian
  • Constance MacIntosh, Professor of Law
  • David Michels, Librarian
  • Akin Ogunranti, PhD Candidate
  • Sara Ross, Assistant Professor of Law
  • Hannah Steeves, Librarian
  • Sheila Wildeman, Associate Professor of Law

  • Board Member Profiles

    Student Editors 2021/2022

    Chief Student Editor
  • Tom Nichini
  • Student Editors
  • Zainab Adejumobi
  • Lauren Agnew
  • Sydney Keefe
  • Roisin Boyle
  • Tarah Sawler

  • Production

    Lynda Corkum