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Arbitration Decision

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Employee Grievance, Unjust Discipline, Deportment and Grooming Rules, Cost, Memorandum


Employee Grievance alleging unjust discipline.

In issue here is the requirement in the company's deportment and grooming rules that its male traffic agents and ramp service agents I wear only black belts and that its traffic agents, both male and female, wear only black shoes. Specifically, the relevant provisions of the company's "Passenger Services Manual" provide for all relevant categories of employee: "Belt — black, individual's choice of supplier"; for male traffic agents: "Shoes — black, leather, conservative styling. Individual's choice of supplier. No platform. Heel must not exceed 5 cms. with a preferred sole of 1 cm.", and for female traffic agents: "Shoes — black pump, moderate heel, black, plain wedges with slacks, platforms less than 1h". Shoes to be plain dress in styling with a closed heel and toe. Individual's choice of supplier." These requirements appear under the heading "Deportment and Grooming" in the manual along with a number of other related requirements which are not in issue here. The shoe and belt requirements are distinguished from the others in that they relate to major items of clothing not part of the uniform for which all or part of the cost is borne by the employer. Both the Easton grievance and the Sanderson grievance were lodged by employees at the Edmonton Municipal Airport shortly after Mr. Larry Filipek, manager, customer services at that station, issued a memorandum to the effect that the black belt and show requirements would be insisted upon.