Innis Christie

Document Type

Arbitration Decision

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Grievance, Collective Agreement, Wicket, Bilingual Imperative, Bad Faith


The Union alleges that the Employer designated certain wicket positions as "bilingual imperative" without regard to the staffing requirements of the Collective Agreement. The Employer claims that this action was required according to official recommendations by the Commissioner of Official Languages, acting under the Official Languages Act. Employees being promoted to, or transferred into, designated wicket positions must be bilingual. The Union argues that the Employer is bound to assign positions on the basis of seniority under the Collective Agreement. Their position is that the Commissioner's recommendations do not have the force of law and the Employer is able to comply with the agreement without breaching the Official Languages Act.


Case summary available on CanLii at the Sir James Dunn Library via Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries.