Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW

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Arbitration Decision

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Seniority, Temporary, A List, B List, Call-In, Assignment, Deadline, Compensation


The Employer brought in a new system whereby there were two types of seniority for temporary employees based on whether or not an employee had worked 480 hours during the 2 previous calendar years. Accordingly, employees were placed on either the "A list" or "B list". Their placement on these lists affected their location on the Employer's call-in list which determined work assignment. The Employer had difficulty meeting the deadline for implementation of the new system and, in addition, the Union alleges that these lists were incorrect for a number of dates. The Union argues that several employees at the mail processing plant, and in collection and delivery, should be compensated for the lost work opportunities which resulted from the Employer's errors. There was also disagreement of when employees should be moved from the "A list" to the "B- list".


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