Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW

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Arbitration Decision

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Part-Time, Kentville, Combine, Classification, Post Office, Schedule, Consultations, Request


The Employer created a sixth part-time position in the Kentville Post Office and the Union requested that the Employer combine part-time positions to create full-time positions. At the hearing the Union changed this to a request for an order that two part-time positions be re-classified as full-time. The Union's position is that there is no operational requirement for additional employees working less than an eight hour shift in the Kentville Post Office, so the Collective Agreement requires the appointment of full-time, not part-time employees. The Employer expresses concern that the grievance, which alleges the improper appointment of an additional part-timer rather than a full-time employee, not the improper use of temporary employees, is not a staffing grievance.


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