Re Canada Post Corp and CUPW

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Arbitration Decision

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Calculate, Form, Equalization, Motorized, Routes, Saint John, Liability


Union grievance on behalf of all affected employees in Group 2 in Saint John alleging breach of the Collective Agreement between the parties bearing the date January 31, 1995, and in particular of Article 47 and Appendix V, in that Employer had failed to properly calculate from 098 in the restructuring of motorized mail routes effective March 27, 1995. At the hearing the Union requested that if I found some liability on the part of the Employer I should adjourn to allow the parties to work out the extent to which the walks/routes in questions are over-assessed. The Employer agreed. At the conclusion of the hearing I ruled that the Union had established "some liability on the part of the Employer" and adjourned as agreed.


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