Extraterritoriality and Corporate Climate Responsibility

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Book Chapter

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Cross-Border Regulation, Extraterritoriality, Human Rights


By engaging with ongoing discussions surrounding the scope of cross-border regulation, this expansive Research Handbook provides the reader with key insights into the concept of extraterritoriality. It offers an incisive overview and analysis of one of the most critical components of global governance.

Authored by central voices in the global extraterritoriality debate, the Research Handbook on Extraterritoriality in International Law offers legal, interdisciplinary, and regional perspectives on this evolving field. It covers a variety of issues, such as the economics of extraterritorial crime, judicial extraterritoriality, and extraterritorial human rights obligations.

This comprehensive Research Handbook will be a valuable research resource for scholars and students of international law and politics, as well as international and domestically oriented legal practitioners who seek to grasp the difficult legal questions surrounding extraterritoriality.