Pas de Deux: Deference and Non-Deference in Action

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Book Chapter

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Administrative Law, legal ideas and doctrines, examination of key principles and cases


Written and edited with the same quality and expertise as the first edition, which was referenced in the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Doré v. Barreau du Québec, the second edition of Administrative Law in Context is a collaborative work bringing together the varied perspectives of Canada's leading scholars in the field. Concentrating on the general principles of administrative law and the context in which administrative adjudication occurs, the authors convey a sense of how administrative boards and tribunals work in practice — for example, how decisions on budgets, staffing, websites, and translation can make the difference between justice and injustice, and how administrative law works differently in the politically charged context of public inquiries. In addition to critical analysis and theory provided by a team of leading academics, students are also given practical hands-on tips and checklists for those planning to practise administrative law. The second edition is completely updated in all chapters to include reflections on Dunsmuir as well as jurisprudence in the wake of Dunsmuir. There is a new section and fuller discussion on procedural fairness, and new chapters on Aboriginal issues in administrative law and the Federal Court's administrative law process, demonstrating how administrative law is grounded in the real world of decision making.


From Selected Works of Sheila Wildeman.