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Wade MacLauchlan: On behalf of Pierre Issalys, who serves as co- President of the Administrative Law Section of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers, and myself, I would like to welcome you to our annual section meeting. The subject which has been adopted for today's meeting is: "The Teaching of Legislation in Canadian Law Faculties". We have the good fortune to have as panelists three of the most experienced and vital teachers of Administrative Law in the country. Professors Terry Ison of Osgoode Hall Law School, Hudson Janisch of the University of Toronto and Pierre-Andr6 Cot6 of l'Universit6 de Montr6al combine sixty years of teaching in various law faculties across Canada. Moreover, each has made his mark in specific areas related to legislation, Professor Ison in compensation schemes, particularly in workers' compensation, Professor Janisch in the area of regulated industries and Professor Cot6 in statutory interpretation.