Dalhousie Law Journal


Law of the Sea, international organizations, United Nations, The Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea


It was only to be expected that upon the adoption of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, there would be a plethora of publications, academic and otherwise, on various aspects of the law of the sea. What is perhaps not generally known is the number of international organizations that have occasion to issue documents relating to the law of the sea, and, even when it is known, these are in such a variety of places that it is almost impossible for any but the most determined researcher to seek them out. The Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea is to be congratulated, therefore, for instituting an annual publication devoted to such documentation. Even the Institute has found that "It proved very difficult to gain sufficient access to documents issued by other [than United Nations-related] organizations; indeed, this sometimes proved very difficult even for [such] organizations" (p.vii).