Dalhousie Law Journal


F.R. Scott, biography, Sandra Djwa, poet, Canada, constitutional law, human rights, nationalist


The task of a biographer is a challenging one at best. And when the subject is one who has achieved distinction in many fields the difficulties are magnified many times. Better, perhaps, to settle for a Festschift where colleagues and friends in fields in which the subject has excelled join together to pay their separate tributes. So in the case of Frank Scott and his biographer, Sandra Djwa. She is a professor of literature and has achieved recognition for the work she has done on the writings and life of E.J. Pratt. It was undoubtedly Frank Scott, the distinguished Canadian poet, who originally became the focus of her attraction. But ER. Scott was also distinguished as a creative political thinker, an expert in constitutional law, an active exponent of human rights, and a Canadian nationalist who, looking ahead, could say: "the world is my country."