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As a journeyman law teacher, sometime sociologist, enthusiastic law reformer, and an occasional dabbler in criminology and comparative law, this volume came to me like manna from heaven. It's an intelligent catalogue of almost all I ever wanted to know but most often never had time to read. Modestly called "a reader's guide", this book will serve a multitude of purposes for anyone with an interest in criminology. It is an excellent starting point for the student wishing to commence research on nearly any serious criminological topic. Criminal justice professionals who wish to step out of their narrow niche and see the system as others see it will have their eyes opened. Legal scholars who think they have a pretty good handle on criminal justice issues may be amazed to find how much useful research is being done in cognate disciplines. Last and no doubt least, bluffers who wish to pontificate on criminal justice issues without having to go through the tedious business of real research will find it simply invaluable.

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