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Jaffe, pathology, autopsy, injury, forensic science, criminal law


The Bench, the Criminal Bar, the Civil Bar, and Law Enforcement officers will all hail the publication of the Third Edition of this outstanding work by Dr. Jaffe, whose lengthy and distinguished career as the former Medical Director of the Centre of Forensic Sciences has been marked by a desire to educate and to demystify the science of pathology. Although the text is relatively brief, the 246 pages include 17 well structured and clearly written chapters that discuss authoritatively subjects ranging from the Medico-Legal Autopsy to the role of the Pathologist in instructing defence counsel. Of note, the topic of injury is approached from many various yet related perspectives involving the head, 'Stabs and Cuts' and 'Firearms' to name but 3 examples. Poisons are also discussed at length, and the review of the various substances that are popularly described as narcotics and drugs, from pages 82 to 95, affords the reader a fundamental understanding and many varied insights respecting this complex subject.

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