Dalhousie Law Journal


K. B. Farquhar


Law Reform Commission of British Columbia, Law Reform Commission Act, retrospective, prospective reflection


The Law Reform Commission of British Columbia was constituted by the Law Reform Commission Act' which became law on July 1, 1969. The Commission began functioning in 1970, and is therefore nearing the end of its sixth year of activity. As the original programme of the Commission was designed to be completed in five years, it is appropriate that this opportunity should arise for both retrospective and prospective reflection on its work. The first six years of the Commission's life have been productive and comparatively successful in terms of the subsequent legislative history of its Reports, but for present purposes their most interesting aspect is that they have been years of experiment - in the nature of the projects which have been undertaken, the way in which they have been carried out, the constitution of the Commission itself, its staffing policy and the division of labour between the Commission and its full-time staff on the one hand, and external consultants on the other. The Commission in 1976 is quite different from the Commission of 1970, and the primary purpose of this note is to outline the progress of and changes in the Commission in the intervening years, and to draw certain tentative conclusions therefrom on the appropriate role of a law reform commission in the process of government.

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