Dalhousie Law Journal


Administrative Law, judicial review


Unlike a number of the subject areas covered by this symposium, Administrative Law in a Nova Scotia context has been much written about in the last three years. There have been two conferences on judicial review of administrative action sponsored by the Dalhousie University Law School Public Services Committee. Many of the papers appearing in the proceedings of those conferences have a distinctly Nova Scotian flavour. Indeed, the 1975 "University and the Law" Conference sponsored by the same Committee also featured a number of papers with a Nova Scotia Administrative Law bent,4 albeit of a much more specialized kind. Then in recent months there have been two further Continuing Legal Education conferences at Dalhousie on Regulation. Hudson Janisch has madetwo contributions to Nova Scotia Law News on the subject of Administrative Law, while Tim McBride has written of Nova Scotia's Ombudsman in the Dalhousie Law Journal. Finally, I have contributed a piece to an earlier issue of the Law Journal on the use of the declaration as an Administrative Law remedy in this province.