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water, natural resource, confrontation, Nile basin, sustainable, management, development


Water is one of the scarcest natural resources on our planet. Yet, it is one of humans' most vital needs This gift of nature has been a cause of tension and confrontation in many parts of the world due to the lack of a shared vision for its optimal and rational use Among the great water bodies, the Nile basin has been cited as one of the major trouble spots Recently, the Nile basin states have started to cooperate under the auspices of the Nile Basin Initiative for sustainable and equitable approach to Nile water use. This article discusses some of the recent cooperative efforts in the use, management and development of the Nile. It briefly discusses the natural setting of the Nile River and reviews past confrontations over Nile waters. It then tries to highlight some of the reasons why basin-wide cooperation is necessary for the riparian states. The final section of the article outlines the need for a permanent legal and institutional framework that would help ensure the optimal and equitable utilization of Nile waters.

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