Dalhousie Law Journal


A. W. Cragg


Law, psychiatry, mentally ill inmate, treatment, Solicitor General of Canada, committee of psychiatrists


In August of 1971, the Solicitor General of Canada appointed a committee of psychiatrists to advise him on the treatment of mentally ill inmates. The committee completed its work and reported in May 1972. The report, entitled The General Program for the Development of Psychiatric Services in Federal Correctional Services in Canada1 developed in the space of sixty pages, including appendices, a general program for expanding psychiatric services and facilities in the field of corrections in Canada. In his forward to the Report, the Solicitor General, Warren Allmand, announces that he is "profoundly impressed by the recommendations made by this authoritative body". Further, he has directed that the psychiatric services of the federal Correctional Services be developed as the Psychiatric Services Report suggests. At the same time he indicates that comments on the program would be welcome.