Dalhousie Law Journal


International Law, Canada, Hugh Kindred, legal education, students


The casebook, International Law, Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada under the general editorship of Hugh Kindred, which first appeared in 1987, was a milestone in the teaching of international law in Canada. It was an important teaching tool that made international law accessible to students. Seeing international law through the eyes of Canadian practice, Canadian materials and Canadian experience, the book was an introduction to the fundamentals of the field and to the developments and debates of contemporary international law Engaging on the editorial board Canadian academics from different law schools, Hugh Kindred has been able to provide a book that over the years has become a mirror for understanding how Canadian international lawyers think about international law, as well as a basic introduction to some important Canadian international legal scholarship. Occupying a central position in the teaching of international law in Canada, the book is an important part of Hugh Kindred's legacy to the field of international law.