Dalhousie Law Journal


Dalhousie Law Journal, East Coast Seminar of the Canadian Energy Law Foundation, offshore, hydrocarbons, wind, tidal, continental shelf


This special edition of the Dalhousie Law Journal includes selected papers from the 4th East Coast Seminar of the Canadian Energy Law Foundation. The scope and depth ofthe articles which follow demonstrate the growing maturity ofthe East Coast Energy sector, both inthe refinement and further definition of the offshore exploration and exploitation regimes that were the focus ofthe 1st East Coast Seminar in 2000, and the increasing relevance of government and industry interest in land-based hydrocarbons as well as alternative energy sources such as wind and tidal power. This collection reflects the importance of these developments, and also extends to developments (and potential future developments) in the international regime for the exploration of the continental shelf. It is hoped that it will provide a useful resource for practitioners, industry and government as the sector continues to grow in this region.