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rights, animals, Nonhuman Rights Project, NhRP, personhood, Steve Wise, lawyers


This article offers a window into the recent work of the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) and its quest to secure legal personhood for cognitively advanced nonhuman animals (chimpanzees, elephants, and orcas). Law& History Professor Angela Fernandez interviews Nonhuman Rights Project founder Steven Wise about the work of his organization, setting the litigation strategy of the NonHuman Rights Project against the background of Wise's historical work on the 1772 British case that ended slavery in England, Somerset v. Stewart. The conversation Fernandez has with Wise ranges across the most recent decisions of the Nonhuman Rights Project cases, what has happened since the making of the documentary about the group's New York chimpanzee litigation Unlocking the Cage (2016), and reflections on issues that will be of interest to animal law lawyers.

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